Saint Martin

I would never enjoy the beaches in the states again, knowing that there is such beautiful, clear, clean water out there! In Saint Maartin the waters are so calm and so rich… so there is no doubt that you will be able to see exotic marine life! Such a beautiful sight!

My family and I stayed at La Samanna Resort & Spa (Belmond) located on the Western end of the island on the shimmering beach of Baie Longue. It is only 15 minutes from Marigot, which is the capital of French St. Martin in the French West Indies. Once you take your first step out of that airport shuttle, the vibe of R&R smacks you in your face with a beautiful view like this from their lobby!

“The resort’s crescent-shaped beach on Baie Longue is recognized as one of the finest and most secluded in the world. No other hotels share Baie Longue, which means our guests enjoy complete privacy and tranquility.”

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Hey there! My name is Shaheeda Amelia Anif. I am a brave dreamer of 23 years. I love love love to travel and capture the beauty of the world through photography, and what’s a greater way to share it with you all through this blog and social media! I majored Communications/Public Relations at Adelphi University in the beautiful Garden City, Long Island. (Holllaaa) Social Media guru. Collector of everything white & gold. Obsessed with seashells and starfish. Candle hoarder. Orchids are thebombdotcom. My boyfriend is my best friend. Red wine all night, every night. Lipton tea, with milk and sugar please, all day, every day :) I could eat salmon sashimi for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dexter was one of my alltime favorite shows! I am currently addicted to How to Get Away with Murder omg it’s so good cannot wait for next week’s episode! Blacklist is a great show as well. Binge watched the first season on Netflix! I watch Friends and Threes Company any and every time it’s on. I am not a cook at all, that’s more of my boyfriend’s expertise, but I could make the kitchen and the table top look fabulous! I did not attend school in hopes of starting my own blog one day, and my degree has nothing to do with traveling or photography, but that doesn’t stop my burning passion for it. Growing up, I was blessed with the privilege of exploring new, cultural places by traveling all over the world with my wonderful family. I believe everyone should visit as many places as they can throughout their life. No matter where it is, it could be across the country or down the block, just do it! Staying in one place is deprivation of the “beauty filled” world we live in. I am always available to talk, and always interested in making new friends so please feel free to contact me. Leave your comments and questions, we don’t bite =P And please follow me on social media! I love meeting new people, making new friends, and last but not least, I love learning about the world and the beautiful people I come across on the daily! XOXO Heeda

2 thoughts on “Saint Martin

  1. Loved the sight memories of a great vacation 😘😘❤️Not to mention the food just love it …… And riding on the bouncy waters …. You and me lol


    1. I love ❤️ you soooo much my beautiful daughter Shaheeda. Each year I look at this blog reads it again and again it reminds me of the person 👩‍💻 I’ve raised to become “YOU” ….. that strong rock, with concrete around her feet that cannot break …… thank you for being who you are ….. you and your brother give me all the reasons to keep the fate, never stop believing, and to keep going …… I love ❤️ you may the Lord look down upon you both and carry you through whoever I’m gone. Keeping you both in his righteousness, safe and protected from all harm. May you both enjoy a world 🌎 of joy and happiness and exceedingly fulfill all of your desires, financially, mentally, socially, emotionally, and keep you both healthy forever more ……. mom


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