My dad is from a small village called Annandale in the Demerara-Mahaica region of Guyana, located on the Atlantic Ocean. Fun fact about me: I am half Guyanese and half Trinidadian! He took my brother and I to see the beautiful country where he grew up, and it was serene. Every single home I visited filled their tables with bowls and bowls of food just for my brother and I. It was total food overload!

How beautiful and cotton candy is this sunset?! These photos were taken at the Sea Wall, a 280 mile long wall that runs along the coastline in the capital city, Georgetown. After a hugeee flood in 1855, officials grew tired of constant land erosion, so they decided to build a wall in order to prevent floods etc. Well thank God they did because I enjoyed sitting for hours on this wall, staring into our sky and absorbing the beautiful colors and wind through my hair with beautiful friends, family, food and laughter.

Local “latrine” aka Porta Potty Eastern style!



Good Vibes Only

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